Tuesday, October 27, 2015

sambung belajar pun mahal, work harder.
lagi kau nak beli rumah. beli kereta.
merata ceruk dunia kau nak jelajah.
impian satu.impian dua. makin gila kalau kau
ada impian sampai tak cukup kertas dalam buku.
lagi kalau kau masuk kahwin dalam list,with child(s)
after few months.

yeah, duitkan?

tapi sibuk macam mana pun kau nak kejar semua tu,
ingatlah manusia yang bolehkan kau wujudkan
benda-benda yang kau nak kejar tu.



put her first. make her feels awesome.
HAWSOME ok? bukan suam suam kuku punya gembira. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

oh. a little dusty here. *blow hard*

life is crazy. and what they said, about you being a robot, well, it's kind of true. but the perk of it is, you have money flowing, either in or out of your bank account, not static with zero amount. so not much of complaining here.

and not much going on with life.
but sure thing, good thing comes slipping itself here and there between the moments. life can't be all bad.