Tuesday, February 4, 2014

it is a thrill how you make me feel,
and how you let me dives in a fantasy on my own,
it is weird how you make me shiver
by the thought of you while you are hundred miles away,
and not knowing things,
it is happiness and sadness at the same time,
i don't know whether to smile or laugh, or to fall back into silent
and cry, 
it is me flying to the moon and back loving you,
and round the universe and back to the feeling you make me,
being caged in, yet I don't mind, alone, 
with you not knowing a thing
yet handsomely make my knees turn to Jelly-O,
it is you, and i don't know if tomorrow would
be a different story,
but today,
it is always you, i want to have the first dance with
under thousand blinking stars, and your favourite song.

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