Thursday, June 1, 2017

on; young love.

(found this in my draft from last year? looking back of how i feel?)

falling in love is easy. have you heard this?
i think it is.
it's like the first sight of the blue ocean upon waking up during vacation, that feeling when you see the roses bloom in front you for the first time, or maybe that anxiety you feel on your first plane ride. the beginning is my favourite part, everything is made of laugh, smile, knowing and unknowing, and dreams, lots of them.

but, being young, having the world against you, love too could be suffocating enough you cry all night before sleep. having both of you trying to cope with everyday-struggle, trying to catch up with  the dream, trying to make deals, trying to prove people, and in those trying, hoping love would be there to sooth thing out, to show, everything would be okay at the end, that at the end: love doesn't happen as you think, here come another plate of trying you need to make, trying to deal with yourself, love matters above all of its lacking, love matter.. you are chanting it.

one day, if you were to meet someone who understand, who will be there even before you drop the first tear, who will be there even before you fall, who knows the deepest sorrow part of yours, keep that person close, it's hard to find one nowadays.


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