Wednesday, June 14, 2017

pernah keliru dengan apa yang kita rasa?

today i was happy, as i managed to settle almost everything in the list. so many redundant unnecessary stupid where on hell these come from-workloads.
but at the same time, how i wish, i'm not doing this for the rest of my life.
that waking up every morning to something i hate almost had me dying each time but i need to snap myself, and remind myself over and over again. this is it. have it. own it.

to those who this might concern, especially the young ones.
do what you love. do your dream.
i promise you, you won't live in hell.

but i'm grateful. so much i don't know how to describe it.
to have a job. to be able to pay the bills. to buy things. to give back to my parent.
but something;
something is missing.

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